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Are You Allergic to Milk or Lactose Intolerant?

Learn the Difference Between the Two     There’s some confusion surrounding dairy intolerance and allergies. Many people do not know what constitutes an allergy and what constitutes an intolerance, and when they don’t know the difference, there’s then some confusion about what people can actually eat.     For example, when hearing someone is […]

Allergies After Summer? It Might Be Ragweed

While many associate allergies with springtime, allergic rhinitis or “hay fever” to pollens can occur in multiple seasons.  Allergies to weed pollens, including ragweed, actually peak in the fall months.  More than 20% of Americans are allergic to weed pollens, and can experience symptoms such as frequent sneezing, persistent runny or stuffy nose, itchy nose, […]

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