Treatment options

There are several treatment options available that will manage, control, and possibly cure allergic conditions.


Determining the source of an allergic, asthmatic, or immune disorder can be a complicated process—which is why you want an experienced and specialized team on your side. Oak Brook Allergists proudly has a team of board certified allergists, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and a physican assitant who are trained to treat and reduce the symptoms of allergic conditions. In the process of diagnosing allergies, one of our allergists will begin by performing an extensive history and physical exam. If your history indicates an allergic condition, the next step would be to perform an allergy skin or blood test. All of this can be done within your very first visit to our office.

The doctors and mid level providers at OBA specialize in the treatment of all types of asthma, including:
• Allergic Asthma
• Exercise-induced Asthma
• Childhood Asthma
• Cough-variant asthma
To determine if an allergic asthmatic condition is present, we will recommend skin testing as well as a pulmonary function test. We work closely with you to develop an individualized care plan to determine your asthmatic triggers.


Using our panel of allergy skin tests, we are able to evaluate 32 different airborne allergens—including a variety of grasses, weeds, trees, dust mite, molds, and pet dander. Also, because we know that sometimes food and pollen allergens cross-react, we may recommend food testing so that your allergy workup is complete.


At OBA, we don't just diagnose the source of your allergic, asthmatic, or immune disorder; we do whatever it takes to minimize symptoms and recovery periods by offering an extensive list of treatments.

1. Enviromental Control- Changing your enviorment to lessen your exposure to your known aggravating allergic substances 2. Medication – For symptomatic control of symptoms.
3. Immunotherapy – Receiving injections to the allergens causing your symptoms allows your immune system to build blocking antibodies. This treatment can potentially cure your allergies


The only real cure for a pet allergy is to remove the pet from your enviorment. Due to our love and attachment to our "furry" family members, this option is not always possible. Allergy injections to pet dander have proven to be a very succesful option


The most common allergic reactions from stings can occus from the following:

• Honey Bee
• Yellow Jacket
• Hornets
• Wasps

The venom of stinging insects can result in a life threatening anaphylatic reaction. Venom immunotherapy is highly effective in preventing this from happening by up to 95%.

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