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Many American families own pets. Most families don't think of their dogs and cats as just animals, but as members of the family. While these furry family members provide love and companionship, they also bring with them allergens that can create an uncomfortable home environment and cause allergies.

If you are allergic to animal dander in Oak Brook, Naperville, Plainfield, Wheaton or Darien, IL contact Oak Brook Allergists. We will conduct allergy testing to identify the specific allergen and help you breathe easier by managing your allergy symptoms.

Take Steps to Eliminate Animal Dander

When a person has an allergic reaction to an animal, they often assume the allergy comes from the animal hair. This isn’t entirely true. People also react to animals’:

 • Dander (skin cells)

 • Saliva
 • Urine


There is no such thing as a “hypoallergenic” dog or cat breed – even hairless dogs/cats produce these allergens.



Things You Can Do to Reduce Suffering from Pet Allergies

 • Make your bedroom a pet-free space

 • Use a HEPA air purifier/filter to trap dander
 • Clean carpet frequently or opt for wood or tile flooring
 • Speak with your vet about a balanced diet for your pet, which can prevent dry skin and excess shedding

 • Keep your pet off the furniture

Let Us Create an Allergy Plan
At Oak Brook Allergists, we can help you establish a plan to manage your allergy symptoms. Our team arms you with knowledge and medical treatments to help you handle your reactions to animals. With six convenient locations in the greater Chicago area and extended hours, we've made it convenient for you to get allergy treatment and allergy testing in Oak Brook, IL.

We can also identify food and insect allergies and identify the presence of asthma.


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