Peanut Oral Immunotherapy

A Peanut allergy is not uncommon.It is more common than one would think. Most pediatric patients carry the allergy into adulthood. Peanut allergy poses a significant burden on the quality of life of sufferers and their families.

Immunotherapy for Peanut Allergy

Oak Brook offers Peanut oral immunotherapy (OIT). Food allergies in our country are approaching epidemic proportions. The average elementary school classroom in our community will have two children who carry the potential of having a life threatening reaction to common foods in our everyday diets such as peanuts, tree nuts, dairy products or eggs. Oak Brook Allergists has been seeing more and more kids with food allergies. Now, for the first time, we, at Oak Brook Allergists, can offer more to our patient’s with food allergies through an emerging treatment called oral immunotherapy or “O-I-T” for short. An OIT program is designed to desensitize patients to their food allergen through daily exposure to the food. We start with extremely low doses of the food and increase slowly over time. Some of these doses are given in our office, but many are taken at home. This approach has not only been proven effective, but has also shown to be quite safe.

Immunotherapy, has commonly been used to treat other allergic diseases, has shown promise as a disease-modifying therapy for peanut allergy. Results from studies of oral immunotherapy show high efficacy rates, improvement in quality of life, and a good safety profile. Treatment may result in sustained unresponsiveness in a proportion of patients, whereas others require ongoing treatment These procedures are not new and have been used by allergists for many decades if not longer schedule an appointment today to see if OIT is right for you.

Reducing the risk of a reaction

While OIT has the potential to represent a cure for food allergy in some patients, the primary goal of the program is to significantly reduce the risk of an anaphylactic reaction with accidental or cross-contaminated exposure to a food allergen. The level of protection achieved by oral immunotherapy can eliminate the need to scrutinize over food labels and allow allergic children to sit with their friends in a school cafeteria rather than an isolating allergen-free table. It can free families from the anxiety associated with something as routine as going to restaurants and birthday parties or flying on airplanes. As a parent, it provides an opportunity to be more proactive in your efforts to protect your children from accidental allergen exposures as they become more independent and spend less time under your watchful eyes. There is no question that food allergies affect the quality of life of our patients and their families, and we are excited to be able to offer something new that will change that for the better. Oak Brook Allergists began enrolling patients in this program at the start of 2018. We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about OIT and find out if you and your child is a candidate for this life-changing treatment for food allergy.