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Some people look forward to winter months because they know they can finally escape the pollen that plagues them all summer. They can put away their allergy medicine and tissue boxes and take refuge inside their homes while the Illinois winter sets in.

However, other people can’t escape from their allergies so easily, especially when their sensitivity involves animal dander, foods and/or dust or dust mites.

No matter what kind of allergies you have, come to the team at Oak Brook Allergists for a professional allergist near Elmhurst, IL. We have helped local residents manage their allergies since 1962.

Find Relief Through Our Services

We offer a number of treatments for allergy and asthma conditions. Elmhurst, IL residents can call on us for any of the following services:

 • Allergy skin tests and food tests to determine which allergens aggravate your symptoms.

 • Pulmonary function tests to assess whether you have an asthmatic disorder.

 • Medications, immunotherapy, and environmental control measures to treat your allergies.

Whether you experience mild or severe allergic reactions, we can help you breathe comfortably again. We also maintain staff privileges at Elmhurst Hospital, which means we can still assist you if your condition requires hospitalization.

To schedule an appointment with our staff, call us at (630) 574-0460.


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