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For most people, springtime is a beautiful season when the outdoors wakes up after a sleepy winter. Trees and flowers bloom and the sweet aroma of new life floats on the air. But for those people who suffer from allergies, pleasant aromas are not the only things carried in the breeze. During this time, a majority of asthma sufferers will experience an increase in symptoms with the onset of springtime.

If you want to prevent springtime allergens from wreaking havoc on your asthma, visit Oak Brook Allergists for asthma treatments in Oak Brook, Naperville, Plainfield, Darien and Wheaton, IL.

Common Allergens that Cause an Asthma Attack

An asthma attack can result from a number of different environmental allergens. These can include pet dander, grass, pollen, dust mites, and mold spores. Two things happen when a patient has a reaction to these particles. When allergens enter the lung, histamine is released within the airways. This leads to a constriction of the airway, resulting in:

 • Chest tightness

 • Fits of coughing
 • Shortness of breath

 • Wheezing


If these symptoms are not properly treated, over time, this bronchoconstriction can progress into chronic inflammation and an increased vulnerability to these environmental changes.



Asthma Treatment Options

Identifying allergic triggers empowers you with the ability to change your environment and reduce your exposure to allergens. At Oak Brook Allergists, our team of medical professionals offer comprehensive allergy evaluations to help you know how to make environmental changes.

In addition to our allergy evaluations, we can provide comprehensive immunotherapy. Our treatment changes the way your body reacts to allergens, reducing asthma symptoms and the need for medications. This form of treatment in both children and adults, can prevent the future development or progression of asthma.

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